TV Reception Configuration

TV Reception  Configuration

There is nothing more frustrating than terrible television reception. If you’ve tried all the home remedies – such as checking the power cables, an auto or manual scan on your TV channels, or double-checking any system amplifiers you have installed – then it’s probably time to give us a call.

In truth, the problem may lie at any point of your network. It could be faulty wiring, damage from weather on the exterior antenna, or wonky splitters. Other environmental factors like 4G interference, electrical surges caused by local power stations, and even LED lights.

Although modern antenna and satellite technology is fantastic and innovative, it is still surprisingly fragile, and when it goes wrong, it can really go wrong.

The first step is to check signal strength using one of our high-tech strength meters that tell us exactly where  the problem is occurring. It can be used to pinpoint a particular part of the network that has gone wrong, saving both of us time and money.

Next is to address the issue – we’re trained to handle almost any of the problems that might arise, and on the unlikely occasion the work is out of our scope, then we know the next people to talk to.

Give us a call at Southern Home Entertainment and we’ll provide you with a fast, same-day quote to cover the costs of the check-up and repair work that might be necessary. Stop watching dodgy TV and get it fixed today!

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