Phone & Data Points

Phone  & Data Point

At Southern Home Entertainment we have the training required to install new Data and Phone outlets in your home or business. In a busy modern age of homes full of multiple devices and commercial office spaces full of, even more, it pays to have multiple outlets ready to go.

How many data points you need in your home or business is determined by the amount of hardware you want to hardwire to your internet connection. Ethernet cabling is a great way to link up computers and your Smart TV to leave more Wi-Fi bandwidth for personal devices like laptops or phones.


When it comes to Data Point Installation & Repairs its all about assessing your current connection. If you have your data points installed professionally you’ll less likely face problems with extending them, repairing them, or adding more points to the system in the future.

New cable is always an excellent way to give your bandwidth a boost and it’s a fast and cost- effective solution. We’ll only replace and repair old wire if it’s absolutely necessary, and everything we do is based on whether you’ll actually see significant improvements to your internet speed.

To work with Data Point installation in Australia you need a specific license. We meet all the requirements of a trained and accredited data point repair and installation specialist. All our jobs are performed with an attention to detail and high professional standards.

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