Mobile Phone Boosters

Mobile Phone Boosters


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At Southern Home Entertainment our installers and repairers are highly trained, experienced and licensed in installing Mobile Signal Boosters.

If you’re experiencing reception issues or if you need to maximise coverage whether at home or at work. it’s not a problem we have a range of mobile signal boosters that can do the job.

The Southern Home Entertainment team partner with many local suppliers like Cel-Fi to provide you with the highest quality mobile phone boosters. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service as well as providing you with the best products to suit your residential or commercial project. We choose to use the Cel-Fi brand as they are the preferred products certified and approved by Australia’s leading mobile and data carriers like Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone and their sub-contracting partners like Belong and Aldi etc.

If you choose to purchase a non-certified version for yourself, you may cause interference for other users of radio waves in the area. Eg TV, mobile, AM/FM radio etc.

If this happens and the affected parties follow it up then both the end user and the installer are up for heavy (and I mean heavy) fines. This is all outlined by the ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority.

They are designed to improve your mobile reception to maximise your signal in the area you have the booster. They are not a problem solver where the installer can guarantee for example 50mbps download speed or 4 bars on 4G etc.

I purchase these through Boosters for Mobiles and WES Australia depending on stock availability.


A ( BRAND ) Mobile Booster also known as a repeater device amplifies the external network signal that your mobile phone or tablet receives and also extends the location range where you can use your mobile devices.

In some regional areas like the Macarthur, Wollondilly and the Southern Highlands areas, it is common knowledge that mobile signals can be interrupted and intermittent.

A mobile booster uses both an external antenna to receive the signal and an internal antenna to distribute the boosted signal. The team at Southern Home Entertainment has your mobile network solutions covered.

If you choose to purchase a non-certified version for yourself, you may cause interference in the area for other users of radio waves in the area. Eg TV, mobile, AM/FM radio etc.


You may ask yourself “Can I install the mobile booster myself?”. While there are DIY mobile boosters that you can buy and install. Using a professional installer and a quality product can increase your range and service.

Southern Home Entertainment’s installers have the experience and the tools that enable us to calculate the correct positions to mount the antennas that will provide the correct path for the signal to reach optimal performance.

 Our experience in placing the internal and external antenna’s in the right locations will also improve performance and reach of the boosters. Poor mobile signal will become a thing of the past, your family and staff members will love you for it.

Where Can I Install a Mobile Booster?

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