MATV & Commercial

MATV & Commercial

For commercial spaces and businesses that connect to multiple televisions at once you need a trained specialist who is able to install an MATV connection.

This MATV, known also as a Master Antenna, links every television up to one central antenna for free-to-view television.

It’s a far more cost-effective and easier-to-maintain solution rather than each individual TV having an antenna.

SMATV is much like a master antenna though it’s connected to a satellite. A combination of MATV and SMATV is often used side-by-side so that you can watch both free TV and pay to watch.

These systems are quite complex with a switchboard that controls the entire connection of televisions. Whether you’re looking to install a large-scale MATV system or need to have an expert take a look at repairing the system, contact us at Southern Home Entertainment.

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