If you are concerned about Home Security and your Families’ Safety we have been seeing more and more Facebook posts about break-ins in the Camden and Wollondilly areas. Recently we completed a security camera system in Werombi.

The customer said that everyone that lived on the road had been broken into and it was only a matter of time before it was their turn. The tip-over point was when a truck decided to do a 3-point turn at their front gate and smashed into it driving off. So we installed 4 x digital cameras with a 4 Terabyte Network Video Recorder, this gives them up to 40 days of continuous recording and can be accessed from anywhere in the world from your smartphone or device.

In their own words, they told us that it gave them total peace of mind when they went away or when someone was acting suspiciously around the perimeter of their property as they could zoom into where that person was.

Feel free to call us on 0410536593 or message us to arrange a free onsite quote to discuss what we can do to help make you feel more secure at home or when you are away.